Remondini was a family of printers who worked in Bassano del Grappa from the mid-seventeenth to mid-nineteenth century.

Bassano del grappa, piazza degli Scacchi. [View better]

Giovanni Antonio Remondini was born in Padua in 1634. In 1657, just over twenty years old, he took home in the main square of Bassano. He opened a grocery store, wool, thirst, and iron tools. He then added to his goods also xilographs of saints and popular subjects that peasants bought for the protection of their homes. The papar used came from the Veronese, Treviso and Padua and Venice. Subsequently, Remondini broke away from his suppliers and developed his own print shop, buying an old press. From that first press was born one of the most important chalkographs in Europe.

Brightly colored prints, wallpaper, games, such as the go-go or paper soldiers. The reminders printed story books to satisfy the tastes of the Italian people. Giovanni Antonio made connections with the wandering of the poor Tesino valleys and the Venetian Slovenes of Cividale del Friuli (called “Schiavoni”), organized them in companies (with a guide, or “capcompany”) and entrusted them with the sale of the prints . Through their work the Remondini managed to spread their brand in Europe.

The production of Remondini was the largest production company dedicated to printing and typography in Europe in the mid-eighteenth century, as attested by the Diderot Encyclop├ędie and Jean Baptiste Le Rond d’Alembert. In the eighteenth century in Bassano, an eight-person occupant worked in the Remondini printing house. The company had 18 typographic stamps, 30 calcographs, 4 paper mills and a special foundry for character creation. Hundreds were agents around the world, from St. Petersburg to London and Paris, to Latin America. It also sold by correspondence, with shipping costs included.

Now: this is the final reason of this article. My surname is Remondini, and yes, my ancestors came from Bassano del Grappa. Some time ago my father showed me a descendancy document! Exciting and unbelievable. Now something about myself is completely explained. ;-)