RawTherapee is free and open source software, meaning you can use it free of charge, wherever you like on whatever hardware you like, as long as you abide by the copyleft GPLv3 license. It satisfy the All the standard features you would expect from a raw developer and much more like batch processing, Floating point engine, Color management and so on. The point is that Rawtherapee it insanely useful also for video post prodution. Yes, you can add a batch process not only for singles raw files, but also with entire jpeg/tiff sequences. Thanks to pp3 SO: if you are a nerd, you will know that some softwares like this are absolutely useful for other reason so different from the main purposes. Thanks to .pp3 processing profiles, you can view and apply (very fast!) the history of the process on your sequences, like a render into you NLE editor, all without layers or precompositions ;-) This software can manage microcontrast, retina samples, add incredible sharp masks editor and color corrections. Better than others closed suites. ;-) Do you want to know more? Look this quick tutorial or surf on Rawtherapee blog.