Look out of the box

Today, every operating systems are inside the same way of life. Windows, Ios, Mac, Android have a “store” for install other softwares that you need. In open source OS (like Debian) it’s the same from the beginning: with source-list and relatives repositories, used in combine with some GUI softwares (like aptitude or synaptic) you can download install there into your computer. The only one difference from contemporary Ios / Play “stores”, or something like that, is that you need to know *HOW* to use/configure it. Normally, it’s very difficult for casual users. They are are used to “touching” or “tapping with software store. Touching everything without thinking before is absolutely not good for us. You know, we are not in love with this touch generation. They are the future and they “touch” everywhere. ;-)

Now. In Ubuntu/Suse/Mint linux distributions, you have brand new “software stores”. The main concept is to adapt linux for lamer users. In this way it’s possible to install your software easily in linux. Notbad, but we don’tlike these solutions for many reasons. Ok: we admit that Canonical or other companies made a good work. Today, without Canonical, linux probably have too many problems for supporting hardwares and drivers. However, our first point, all of these *companies* making with open source, require your details for using their services or supports. Anyway we not understand why we must to share our personal data when we using open source software. We remember to all of you that A LOT of singles developers maintain their open source projects *ALONE* without money and completely without the support of these big companies. So, by the side of users, they just need to install binaries or compile the source code! Ok, it’s not simple. Remember that nothing is simple in this universe. If you want it easy, normally you pay it and you are free to be a slave. If you want to really learn it, this is different because you understand better what is the freedom. The open source community demonstrate to all that the work of every single user or developer has created freedom for all the community.

At the end, we admit that we are not a developers. The world is not always clean and beautiful and the “system and software updates” in your workstation isthe only way to keep your system clean and safe. But try to view with the eyes of design operator that work with a very strict diedline. Meantime you make your final render, the system suspend your program, shutdown the OS and it show a screen like this.

We do not know what goes on in the minds of a bosses of companies billing hundreds of millions of dollars. We only need to close our work with our standard of quality. They CANNOT stop our work or stalking us with anxious messages like “if you do not make the updates you will die bad”. So we create SuperOS and we use appimages on it: now we not need any software store. No messages, no software updates, no distraction. We will make only *one* release per year, tailored to our needs, and we’ll updload it on our github account. We hope that will helpful for the community.