Linux on Galaxy

Linux on Galaxy enables developers to use Samsung smartphones for all their computing needs, even app development. Linux on Galaxy allows the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to run their preferred Linux distribution on their smartphones utilizing the same Linux kernel that powers the Android OS to ensure the best possible performance.

In addition to expanding the capabilities of the smartphone, the power of Samsung DeX to seamlessly transform mobile devices to a desktop environment has also taken the gaming experience to the next level. Samsung’s desire to redefine modern-day entertainment has led to key partnerships with major game developers, including Super Evil Megacorp’s Vainglory, Game Insight’s Survival Arena, Eric Froemling’s BombSquad and Netmarble’s Lineage 2 Revolution to give users the option to play their favorite mobile games in an immersive desktop setting. What’s more, Lingeage 2 Revolution and Nexon’s AxE are among the wide range of titles that are embracing Vulkan API, bringing more robust and responsive performance and power efficiency to mobile device gaming. Now that these games have become DeX-enabled, avid gamers can interact with the games in full screen mode on a larger display with full keyboard and mouse control, in addition to playing them on-the-go. Square Enix’s FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION will provide both Vulkan and DeX optimized gaming experience in coming months.

We hope that this absolutely awesome technology will be expand to all android mobile. Why the future isn’t now?